The planet Orpha, a world of two massive seas and one continuous band of earth, has in the last several millenia undergone momentous changes in its societies. Once a land shared by humans, dwarves, orcs, elves, and gnomes, today is ruled by the righteous hand of the Jarnaxian Church, a united society of humans and dwarves. Dragons are nearly all but legends now; only the mysterious Issokai sail the stratosphere, never touching land except in death.

Fifteen-hundred years ago a being proclaiming himself Ozihael, the angel of the god Jarnegog, appeared and called humans and dwarves to fulfill a grim destiny. Thus began the Schism, as a holy crusade to wipe orcs from the face of Orpha began. The Elves withdrew into hidden cities, carefully erasing the living memory of their former glories. The gnomes, masters of archaic rune-magic and advanced technological gadgetry, abandoned a civilization they now thought mad, and today are spoken of as myth. When at last the great purge ended, the orcs were extinct, and the nation of Jarnaxia covered fully one half of the world, pole-to-pole and sea-to-sea. The few elves who avoided seclusion, and the rare half-blooded orc descendants who survived the purge, have managed to find their place in this intolerant society. The feral races of gnoll, kobold, and troglodyte pick out what meager living they can in the shadow of the Church’s vigilant walls.

But now, strange occurrences and ominous portents have begun to signal a mounting danger-beginning with reports of a great firestorm in the north. And a band of heroes have recovered an artifact from the fabled Age of Dreams, a prophecy forged before the Schism, which may hold the key to saving Orpha-and shaking the imperious Jarnaxian Church down to its very foundations.

There is much to tell, but all will be revealed in Time…

Scions of the Cycle